Half way through stage 1

I am at the half way mark of the stage 1 combine, profit is
This is a milestone on the way to being funded but I have some
Things to focus on to improve performance :
1. I have to become comfortable increasing my size. I am making
About $1000 per week on 1-3 contracts. I am now allowed to
Trade up to 10 contracts. So if I want to shorten the time to
Pass stage 1 at profit of $6000 I need to start trading at least
2 contracts on scalps and then scale into 4-6 contracts.
I am being to conservative doing 1-3 contracts.
2. As it’s new for me, I should not trade at work unless it’s
Just 1-3 contracts.
3. I need to be very mindful, but should not do much different
In terms of techniques getting into and out of trades.
4. Remain relaxed and calm in trades no matter the size. I’ve
Shown a capacity to recover fairly easily even if I have a sizeable loss.


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