TopStep - lets pass the combine

Welcome to my blog.

Like another hopeful  budding trader - I have decided for better or for worse to journal my 
steps to being funded. Notice my optimism? Good, that was my intention. 

I won't spend too much time waffling on as we all know what we are trying to achieve here.

I just thought, as I live in Sydney, and I am exposed to mostly Asian markets given the day light hours - I might share some of my trades, thought processes, and this may resonate with some of you.It may be that if you're in the other hemisphere, rather than watching crap TV or getting stuck doing house chores in your evening - you may like to escape to your trading desk instead and follow Asian markets. You may find a few more pips or ticks each day are possible, not that I've proven it's possible yet. 

I mostly use fundamental news, some market & volume profile, some shorter term 5 minute charts for divergence, and trade off footprint charts. I'm not game enough yet to dive into order-flow but that may occur if I decided to take on more volatile contracts later. 

The main goals, is getting 'safely' funded - and Asian markets are slow enough to seemingly control risk a little - I say a little, here me?
I'm demo trading the Top Step Trader - getting familiar with the platform. Though I do my analysis on Sierra charts. I have a small trading account with AMP clearing for this purpose only.

I'll probably start with a 50K combine account - but I may decided to get a 150K account
if I'm feeling like a cowboy when I sign up, but it's probably not a great idea. Though the draw-down seems more generous? Certainly not proportionally, but for my 1 -2 contract trading etc I really don't want any reset costs ( -100 a pop!) I may end up spending as much as a big account and have a smaller prize at the end. Doesn't seem fair does it?

oh well, I've said enough for now......follow along, comment, criticize, applaud, laugh, cry....
I will be doing vlogs soon enough if I'm game. 

FDum ( Fair Dink' um)  Trader


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