Half way through stage 1

I am at the half way mark of the stage 1 combine, profit is $3000. This is a milestone on the way to being funded but I have some Things to focus on to improve performance : 1. I have to become comfortable increasing my size. I am making About $1000 per week on 1-3 contracts. I am now allowed to Trade up to 10 contracts. So if I want to shorten the time to Pass stage 1 at profit of $6000 I need to start trading at least 2 contracts on scalps and then scale into 4-6 contracts. I am being to conservative doing 1-3 contracts. 2. As it’s new for me, I should not trade at work unless it’s Just 1-3 contracts. 3. I need to be very mindful, but should not do much different In terms of techniques getting into and out of trades. 4. Remain relaxed and calm in trades no matter the size. I’ve Shown a capacity to recover fairly easily even if I have a sizeable loss.

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How to pass the Trading Combine and earn a Funded Account


Topstep trader combine stage 1 day 18

day 18 stats: current week 4: balance : $101,277 ; average win day 125.0 , loss day -38.0 best day : 254.0 , worst -70.0 days 18 ; winning days 67 % av. win 32 loss - 26 win % 66 max conseq. win/loss =2:1 av w/L duration 19/ 21 minutes total trades on average per day : 4 brokerage : $13.00 account bal draw-down limit 98277 to fail combine  Target $6000 to pass Remaining profit to get to Stage 2 combine: $4,733 draw-down so far : 0 less than 100,000

Why I lost money trading today? A dopamine 'addicts' intervention....

Psychological Journal entry : reading references : 1. 'The hour between Dog and Wolf - risk taking, gut feelings and the biology of boom and bust' by John Coates  2. 'The Undoing Project' by Michael Lewis This is an entry on the last trading day of the financial year, and I am getting into more 'tender' subjects. Probing the belly of the beast. The mind naturally wants to avoid these subjects, that's an interesting observation. So if the mind does not wish to look at something it probably means that it needs to because it's a weakness that should be addressed. As I am really serious about success as a trader - I realize I have to go there. If I don't confront weaknesses they will hang around causing continuous problems.  Obviously, when we a trading we're not always going to win and the reason for not winning can sometimes be unconscious. It might be some 'programming' from the past, a Mal-adaption to avoid pain. So, without gett

TopStep combine day 11 stage 1

day 11 stats: I am making on average $67.6 per day. current week 3: balance : $100,743 ; average win day 126.0 , loser -34.0 best day : 254 , worst -65.9 days 11 ; winning days 64 % av. win 42 loss-37 win % 60 max conseq w/L =2:2 av w/L duration 11/ 17 minutes total trades on average per day : 6 brokerage : $23.80 account bal draw-down limit 97744 to fail combine target $6000 to pass draw-down so far : 0 Making steady progress and fairly consistent. Still afraid of really increasing my size though. My plan was to increase to 2 contracts per trade over $600 profit, but I am reluctant. I find that it is better for my psychological stress control to aim for more small wins of 4-8 ticks per trade. I'll have to work on this fear. I 'scaled' into some trades the last 3 days with 2 contracts and that is a better approach from the money management style I use. My tactic is this given I can ordinarily make 4-8 ticks per trade 2 out of every 3 trades, the othe